Ceresco, the benchmark for soybeans on the international markets

notoriete1In recent years, Ceresco has acquired an outstanding reputation in the world of soy, locally in Quebec, across Canada and internationally. The innovative and visionary drive of this dynamic company, combined with the quality of its products and exceptional customer service underlie producers’ and clients’ high recognition of Ceresco.
notoriete2anotoriete2bRenowned for their great management skills, company co-owners Thierry Gripon and Mireille Raymond have secured a position of choice for Ceresco on the international market, particularly in Japan. The diverse skills of Ceresco‘s employees combined with their professionalism and loyalty have also contributed to the company’s success.
notoriete3a notoriete3bCeresco has developed unique expertise in Non-GMO Identity Preserved soybean export. By establishing some of the highest quality standards in the industry, Ceresco has acquired an excellent reputation worldwide. Through the purity and wide variety of its seeds, stringent production control and meticulous soybean processing, Ceresco has become synonymous with “premium-quality soybeans”.