Welcome to the world of Ceresco!

Ceresco enjoys an exceptional reputation in processing and exporting soybean intended for human consumption.

Ceresco’s production potential is impressive! With a soybean storage capacity exceeding 31,000 metric tons, Ceresco can meet the demand of clients quickly and efficiently.

Ceresco is recognized for its flexible, custom and fast service. This Canadian company based in Saint-Urbain-Premier in Quebec can meet clients’ pressing needs within a very short time. In addition, Ceresco’s expertise in export transportation allows the company to ship soy around the world daily, regardless of destination.

Ceresco is undoubtedly one of the most important suppliers to companies processing soybean for human consumption.Ceresco ensures total satisfaction to industrial purchasers by offering them premium quality products and a wide range of soybean varieties. In fact, Ceresco offers the widest and most interesting range of varieties on the market.

Ceresco has gained a competitive place on the Asian market. The company currently owns and operates a subsidiary in Japan doing business under Ceresco Marketing Inc.