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From expert to Expert
From expert to Expert

Specially trained to provide you with proven solutions, our agricultural advisors know the realities and constraints of growing soy. This teamwork between producers and advisors ensures rigorous monitoring throughout the season and a harvest that exceeds your expectations.

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Dedicated to soybeans
Dedicated to soybeans

Our agronomic advisors dedicate all of their activities to the success of your harvest. This way of doing things, unique to Ceresco, maximizes the yield of your seeds.

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Ceresco has business relations with more than 450 growers, mainly from Quebec and Eastern Ontario. These growers exclusively cultivate Non-GMO, Identity Preserved, conventional and organic soybeans intended for human consumption. By increasing the number of growers and diversifying the source of soybean supply across a vast territory, Ceresco ensures that its procurement objectives are achieved.

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