Our clients - Ceresco

Ceresco ranks among top Canadian leaders in the export of soybeans intended for human consumption.

Clients are located mainly in in Japan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, North America and several European countries.

In addition to having its own offices in China, Japan and the Netherlands, Ceresco has a presence through partners worldwide. This has increased its ability to establish and maintain close relationships with its clients. At Ceresco we truly pride ourselves at having the most diverse workforce in the industry.  We have employees with over a dozen different nationalities and as a team we can speak more than a dozen languages! Ceresco is well equipped to overcome language barriers, gain a better understanding of the cultures and eating habits of our customers and establish long-term business relationships. Ceresco makes it a point to quickly respond to their clients’ requests and continuously gain new knowledge in terms of research and development.

In the years to come Ceresco wishes to continue developing new markets by putting quality and service first.