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From expert to expert

Specially trained to provide you with proven solutions, our agricultural advisors know the realities and constraints of growing soybeans. By doing business directly with Ceresco for the purchase of your seeds and the sale of your crops, you benefit from a team that knows you. With us, there are no intermediaries, so we can respond to your requests quickly and adapt our services to better serve you.

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Well adapted seeds

Through our research and certified seed growers, Ceresco offers a wide range of soybean seeds to best meet your needs. Some of the factors our agronomic advisors will take into consideration before suggesting a variety are: geographical location, soil conditions, soil type, row width, disease history, types of equipment available, etc.

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We work when you work

We are farmers at heart, and we understand that farmers don’t work a 9-5! That is why our agronomic team is always happy to help you. Our reception team also offers extended morning, night, and weekend hours during the harvest season to help you get your product delivered. We try hard to go the extra mile so that you can have peace of mind.

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Dedicated to soybeans

For the last 30+ years, all our focus has been on soybeans. Dedicating so much time doing one thing that you love means you learn about it inside out. When we say that we are soybean experts, we mean it! As a team we have the knowledge to help you get the most out of your crops.

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Peace of mind

Ceresco assures you of the best price for your crops. Our IP program guarantees the purchase of your crops, regardless of the yield obtained. There are no minimum or maximum limits. Furthermore, we understand that giving you value goes beyond just a price, it means putting all variables on your side so that you maximize your return.

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