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Grain reception

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Monday 6h00 à 15h30
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Friday 6h00 à 15h30
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Sunday close
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Grain Reception Supervisor
Mathieu Bourdet 450 427-3831 p.238

Grain Reception Assistant
Sophie Vincent 450 427-3831 p.236

  • Once you have finished harvesting your IP soybeans, we recommend that you call your representative to collect a sample in your silo. This sample will be analyzed and you will receive the results by fax or regular mail.
  • Grain reception department will schedule the deliveries with you. You will need an order number for each load being delivered (1 number per delivered load)
  • Please advise the grain reception department accordingly, if you wish that payment be made to PGQ or AgriCorp
  • Order numbers are valid for 48 hours. If you cannot deliver as schedule you will need to contact the grain reception department and get a new order number.
  • You must inspect the truck carefully before loading. The truck has to be clean. Do not hesitate to open the trap doors and check the back skirt.
  • If the truck is not clean it is mandatory that you ask the driver to clean it before loading anything.

OBLIGATORY (very important)

  • Upon delivery, the carrier will have to sign a record of delivery confirming that the box of the truck has been cleaned before loading to ensure that there can be no contamination of the soybean by another product.