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Specially trained to provide you with proven solutions, our agricultural advisors know the realities and constraints of growing soy. This teamwork between producers and advisors ensures rigorous monitoring throughout the season and a harvest that exceeds your expectations.

Our agronomic advisors dedicate all of their activities to the success of your harvest. This way of doing things, unique to Ceresco, maximizes the yield of your seeds.


Meticulous screening eliminates non-compliant grains and foreign materials.

Ceresco cleans more than 100,000 tons at its Saint-Urbain-Premier plant.

Over time, Ceresco has developed highly effective traceability systems to closely monitor each step of the soy production process, from the seed to sowing, sowing to harvest, harvest to silo, silo to processing, processing to client.


The very essence of Ceresco soy resides entirely in the genetic purity and variety of seeds used by the company. Not surprising that such great care is given to our seeds.

Ceresco has perfected soybean processing intended for human consumption. The company is recognized as one of the leading producers of Pedigreed seeds and one of the largest exporters of soybeans in Canada.

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Added value Identity Preserved soybeans. This line-up offers some of the best performing varieties with high-quality track records.

IP-Conventional seeds IP-Conventional soy
IP-High protein tofu

Line-up of varieties prized for their high protein content and with ideal characteristics for the production of quality tofu.

IP-High protein tofu seeds IP-High protein tofu soy
IP-Natto and Sprouting

This line-up proposes varieties valued by food processors for their features specific to the preparation of Natto and soybean sprouts.

IP-Natto and Sprouting seeds IP-Natto and Sprouting soy
Organic Soy

Organic farming is definitely on the rise. Most of our varieties are very well suited for it.

Organic Soy seeds Organic Soy soy
Académie Ceresco
Tips and advice for the growth of your business

The Ceresco Academy shares practical tips and advice having proven track records. It is with enthusiasm that our team of experts, with complementary skills, share their rich experience in the field, operations and marketing with our producer partners to help them grow their business.


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