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Ceresco is a Canadian-based company having its head office in Saint-Urbain-Premier in the Province of Quebec. More than one hundred employees contribute to Ceresco’s success every day.

Ceresco’s employees are recognized for the diversity of their expertise and skills as much as for their versatility and loyalty to the company. Each employee plays a central role within the organization. Interactions among employees and the different business segments of the company result in very advantageous synergy and exceptional productivity.

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Sales and Purchasing

The Sales and Procurement Department is central to the company’s business operations. Sales and Purchasing Specialists are constantly in contact with producers and clients and monitor the stock market. They also work closely with the company’s research and development centre, agricultural services and communications department.


Recognized by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association, Ceresco‘s breeder is responsible for implementing the genetic improvement program for soybean intended for human consumption. He has all the qualifications required to develop and create new Identity Preserved (IP) varieties of Natto and Tofu types. The breeder maintains preferred relations with both clients and producers to enhance his knowledge of their specific needs.

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Research and Development

Other specialists work in the research and development department, particularly to coordinate activities year round primarily during the seeding and harvest periods.


Skilled staff members are in charge of receiving soybeans at the head office and carrying out various related tasks, including soybean analysis, laboratory testing and classification.

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A team of specialists work at the company’s conditioning facility to receive, clean and store soybeans.

Logistics / Export

Specialized employees are in charge of soybean export logistics for local and international markets. By having its own export department at the company’s facilities, Ceresco has developed sound expertise in the preparation of documents and the organization of soybean transportation and overseas shipping, allowing to find the best export solutions possible.

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Equipment Maintenance

Mechanics and maintenance specialists together ensure that all equipment used at the Ceresco conditioning facility is clean and in perfect working order.


Accounting and management experts ensure proper administration of the company, overall financial control, analysis of production, sales contracts and stock market price protection (hedging).

Employé de bureau
Employée de bureau

Sales offices

Our Sales and Service teams are located in Canada, the Netherlands, Japan and China. They act as ambassadors and direct links between customers and the production plant. Strategically established to serve all of our customers, they have in-depth knowledge of local markets and the requirements to ensure that the merchandise arrives quickly and safely.

Staff Mobility

To meet the needs of our customers and producers, our employees have a fleet of vehicles tailored to their needs.