Top Management

Mireille Raymond

Mireille Raymond

Co-owner of Ceresco Vice-president Operations, Human Resources and Finances

Mireille Raymond owns 50% of company stock. She has significant expertise in management, administration and accounting. As Vice-president, Operations, Human Resources and Finances, Mireille Raymond considers the quality of company products and services to be very important. To achieve her goals, she relies primarily on the skills and professionalism of Ceresco’s employees.

Thierry Gripon

Thierry Gripon

Co-owner of Ceresco Vice-president, Sales and Procurement

Thierry Gripon owns 50% of company stock. He has unique expertise in sales, administration and coaching. He also has broad knowledge of the global marketplace of soybean for human consumption. As Vice-president, Sales and Procurement, Thierry Gripon maintains preferential relations with company clients and soybean producers. Through his keen ability to bring people together, he is fully committed to the company’s dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic team.

Manuel Gendron

Manuel Gendron, CA

Director, Operations and Human Resources

Manuel Gendron studied biology at university followed by accounting and business management. He holds the title of chartered accountant. Prior to joining Ceresco in January 2008, Manuel Gendron worked for several accounting firms as auditor and project manager. He has also worked in the field of management.

Bastien Roberge

Bastien Roberge, CMA

Director, Finances and Corporate Controller

Bastien Roberge holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. This member of the Ordre des CMA has more than 15 years of experience in various areas related to finance, accounting and management. Prior to joining Ceresco in February 2003, Bastien Roberge held the positions of Controller for Groupe Camint and Financial Planning and Management Analyst for the Société de transport de l’Outaouais.


Procurement Director of grain

Hicham is an Agronomist and graduate of the HEC in Business Management and Business Administration. He currently serves as Procurement Director of grain. In this role, he leads the Sales team, Research and Development, Customer Service and Business Development for seeds. During his career at Ceresco, Hicham served as Quality Control Specialist and Agricultural Representative.


Human Resources and IT Manager

A graduate in International Relations and Human Resources, Steve joined the Ceresco team in August 2011. Having worked in other SMEs, Steve gained experience in recruitment and human resources management. He previously held the position of Human Resources Coordinator of L.B. Maple Treat. Steve also sits on several boards in the region.


Assistant Director

A lawyer and member of the Barreau du Québec, Raphaël brings a legal perspective on the various issues facing the company. He has extensive experience in business strategy, having worked in multinational companies, SMEs, as well as parastatal societies. Prior to joining Ceresco in June 2015, Raphaël was working as a lawyer for Securitas Canada.


Hidetsugu Ochiai

Hidetsugu Ochiai

President Ceresco Marketing

Hidetsugu Ochiai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Prior to joining Ceresco in November 2002, he worked for several food processing firms in Japan. He is responsible for overall marketing and customer relation working directly from our office in Japan.