Ceresco Academy - Tips and training videos for Soybean producers

The mission of the Ceresco Academy is to be a privileged meeting point with producers to promote the highest standards of quality and thus to maximise their success.

Through the Academy, producers enjoy ready access to the complementary expertise of the full Ceresco team. Our seasoned agronomic advisors, our operations professionals, and our international representatives gladly share their know-how. They do this while being in line with a deep understanding of producer realities and needs.

The objective of the Ceresco Academy is to inform, encourage, and underline the best practices of producers in all areas of interest: seed selection and sowing, control of weeds, diseases and insects, advice on grain harvesting, cleaning, drying, storage, commercialization, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions that you believe warrants the input of the Ceresco experts.

We are always willing and ready to enhance and share knowledge, and the Ceresco Academy is testament to that.

Insects and diseases

Informative capsule on preventive measures and treatments for diseases and insects related to soybean cultivation. 2

Grain marketing

Farming life if full of risks. Your challenge is to best manage these risks by controlling as many variables as possible in order to enjoy ever better harvests.

Tips for a successful harvest

Information clip on the preventive measures and treatments of soybean diseases and insect threats.

Selecting the right soybean variety

Do you know how to select the right soybean variety to help you maximise your yield next year ? At Ceresco, we’re happy to help you make the right selections.

Successfully drying soybeans

Take in the advice of our agronomic advisors talking about the challenges of correctly drying soybeans.

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