Ceresco, among leaders in the export of soybeans


Ceresco ranks among top Canadian leaders in the export of soybeans intended for human consumption. Enthusiastic and proud of our success, our employees are inspired by the company’s family values to grow and innovate on both local and international markets. By establishing the highest standards of quality and food safety in the industry, we are securing a privileged place on the world stage for the company while demonstrating the utmost respect for our producers, clients and the environment.”


Ceresco’s goal is to rank among the primary world suppliers of soybean intended for human consumption. The company will use its resources, knowledge and drive for innovation to continue to offer soybean of exceptional quality to processors worldwide. Ceresco also wishes to develop new high-yielding, Identity Preserved Non-GMO varieties to meet the requirements of different populations worldwide.”


Ceresco fosters and supports family values, respect, tradition, trust, team spirit, commitment and integrity and promotes them among employees as well as with its producers and clients.”