Past and Present…

Famille propriétaire


The Gripon family left France to settle in Saint-Urbain-Premier in Quebec (Canada), a quaint, small village located near Montréal. The Gripon family bought a grain farm to cultivate a 100 ha piece of land. With his son Thierry, Mr. Gripon used the grain cleaning equipment available on the farm to meet the needs of a few local producers.

Ferme Raymond Mireille Raymond


Mireille Raymond, a Saint-Urbain-Premier native and a farmer’s daughter, joined the business that year. She contributed her administrative skills and agricultural know-how to help develop new markets jointly with Thierry Gripon.



The company was involved mainly in seed processing operations (oat, barley, soy, etc.).

Semence Grippon


Under the new entity Semences Gripon, the company began exporting soybean to Europe.

Semence Gripon


Thierry Gripon and Mireille Raymond renewed efforts to maintain the company’s growth rate and corner new markets on the international scene. In addition to obtaining new accreditations, they adopted new protocols, complied with new quality standards and established new contacts in Asia. At the end of that year, some 50 containers were shipped to Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Republic of Singapore, representing more than 1,000 tons of soybeans.



The company made major investments in its head office for projects including building silos and warehouses and installing a second conditioning line. By acquiring the commercial rights of the Colibri variety of Natto soybeans, the company took the lead in exports of soybean intended for human consumption. Then the company started exporting more soybeans. At that same time, Mr. Rémi Gripon retired for a well-deserved rest.

Construction siège social


Through the involvement of its research and development service, the company cooperated on new technological innovation projects.


Semences Gripon established new business relations with an American business firm to enter the Japanese market. At that time, the company took the lead in exports to Japan of soybean intended for human consumption.


That year, the company started to work closely with Agriculture Canada by participating in a soybean research program.

Silo Ensachage employé


The company made a major investment in the automation of equipment at the head office.

Extérieur siège social


From then on, the company operated under the entity SG Ceresco Inc. In Roman mythology, Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility.

Extérieur bureau Japon


Ceresco officially opened a liaison office in Japan.

Bureau au Japon


The Japanese office was incorporated. Ceresco Marketing Inc. officially became a SG Ceresco subsidiary.

Vue aérienne champs


Ceresco established its own research team in Saint-Urbain-Premier. The company now owns more than 500 ha of farmland located in the fertile Montérégie region.


Ceresco inaugurated its research center in Saint-Isidore de Laprairie and focused on the development of its varieties. By doing so, it secures its place as a leader in IP soybean.