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Ceresco has large warehouses with a total area of 35,000 square feet. These are used to store the lots of already cleaned and bagged products awaiting shipment.

In addition to delivering soy in bulk (loaded directly into containers with a protective lining), Ceresco can also prepare large 1-metric ton tote bags and 25-kg bags to suit clients’ specific needs. The bags are placed on pallets, packaged using shrink wrap and stored safely until they are shipped.

Fully loaded

Ceresco‘s 70+ silos have an overall capacity of about 40,000 metric tons. This does not include the additional storage capacity Ceresco has thanks to producers who wish to store Ceresco soybean in their own silos in exchange for extra premiums. This flexibility means Ceresco is more than able to meet increasing volumes.

Ceresco can store soy grain in these silos all year long. An efficient grain monitoring system in both in-house and external silos, and a thorough stock management system ensures exceptional product quality.

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