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Alliance & growth

October 2021

Devoted to Agriculture for 5 Generations and Counting

Ian Laver

Laver Farms Ltd.

REGION : Campbellford - Ontario


40 hectares / 100 acres

2021 crop varieties
AAC Coryllis

2020 crop varieties
Yoho Eider


Andrew Hodges
Agricultural advisor
Eastern Ontario .


For 5 generations, the Lavers have devoted themselves to cultivating their farmland located in the town of Warkworth in central Ontario. Ian Laver perpetuates the family values for the land. In 2008, at the age of 24, he bought his first parcel of land. Today, Ian shares his passion for farming with his father and uncle.


"Ian and Sara with their children."

Family Farming

Laver Farms is first and foremost a family farm. Ian and Sara, his wife, share the tasks of cultivating their land and raising laying hens. Their children, Jacob (9 years old), Amelia (7 years old) and Ethan (5 years old), particularly like helping out on the farm and helping with the work in the fields.

Sara is responsible for the administration, grading and sale of the eggs, while Ian is responsible for raising chickens and field crops. The farm produces corn, soybeans and winter wheat, all while using no-till practices. Green oat manure is sown after winter wheat to provide organic matter and cover the soil in the winter. The 270 acres of land that they farm, is composed of different soil types: “We have sand, sandy loam, and loam. But no heavy clay!” Ian says.

IP soybeans: a new challenge

In 2015, Ian wanted new challenges. He was looking for an interesting way to increase the income of his farming business. It was while talking to his local seed supplier that he discovered Ceresco and IP soybeans. Over the years, he has converted a third of his fields to IP soybeans.

« Growing IP soybeans is different; there are some additional challenges. I need to track my fields to make sure I make good applications in a timely manner. You definitely have to invest more time, but the effort is worth it!  »

He advises farmers who wish to start in this production to talk with a few producers who have experienced growing IP soybeans and speak with the folks at Ceresco. “The advisors are friendly and always ready to help. They will be able to give you the best advice on production and on how to best integrate it into your operation.”


A strategic game plan

Ian Laver grows the AAC Coryllis variety, a high-yielding Natto type soybean well suited to the areas 2700 CHU and above. These soybeans are unique in that they are very small – about half the size of regular soybeans.

For weed management, Ian starts with a pre-planting burn down. The soybeans are sown in 15 inche rows. Then he returns to apply a pre-emergent broadleaf herbicide. In post-emergence, he scouts his fields to identify the weeds present. He then makes herbicide applications as needed, varying the groups from year to year to prevent resistance.

"Harvest 2021 of AAC Coryllis"

He advises farmers who want to produce IP soybeans to have easy access to a sprayer. This allows all applications to be made at exactly the right time.

For Ian, growing IP beans is the right balance between challenges and increased profitability. He also appreciates the bonds he has developed with the staff of Ceresco. «For us, the human aspect is very important. We are very satisfied with the relationship we have with Andrew, our advisor at Ceresco.»

A work-life balance

Today Ian is happy with his business and his pace of life. “I like the flexibility we have, being my own boss. Some days are more intense, but I can also take the time to go to the park or the beach with my children. I don’t know yet if we are going to expand the business. I would love to take over my father’s farm someday, but he’s far from ready to retire! Maybe the kids will have an interest in a few years. But for now, we’re just happy to see them growing up on the farm.”



Andrew Hodges
Agricultural advisor
Eastern Ontario .


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