Ceresco’s Agricultural Specialists include experienced agronomists and technicians. The company’s specialists are renowned for their expertise. They work on site in producers’ fields and are in constant contact with them. As purchasing representatives, they also serve as intermediaries between Ceresco and producers. They sell seeds to producers, then negotiate crop-purchasing agreements with them.


But at Ceresco, their work is not solely limited to selling seeds. On the contrary, everything just starts there.


Ceresco’s Agricultural Specialists also serve as special advisers to producers. For instance, they analyze a range of factors (type of soil, region of production, etc.) to identify the advantages of producers’ lands in order to advise them on the most appropriate varieties that they should cultivate.


During the year, they visit producers regularly to ensure thorough monitoring. They verify seeds, observe how crops and soils are progressing, adjust combine-harvesters, find solutions in case of disease, etc.


Quality control remains the primary concern of the Agricultural Technical Service team. Ceresco’s experts always work in close cooperation with Canadian and Quebec departments of agriculture to meet standards in effect across the country and share relevant information on soy culture.


Over the years, Ceresco agronomists and technicians have forged a relationship of trust with producers and government authorities. The quality and rapidity of their response allows everyone to benefit from outstanding professional service.

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