Ceresco hereby confirms its formal commitment to ensuring the protection of the personal information of all its employees, applicants, suppliers, clients, as well as any other parties concerned. This policy is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the company’s practices regarding the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information:

The term “Personal Information” means any information relating to or identifying an identifiable individual. Insofar as possible, Ceresco undertakes to anonymize and/or aggregate such information so that it can no longer identify an individual.

2. Respect for Privacy and Compliance with Applicable Laws:

The protection of privacy and personal information is a fundamental concern for our organization. In this respect, Ceresco is committed to protecting such information in strict compliance with applicable laws.

3. Consent and Use of Personal Information:

In order to ensure adequate protection, Ceresco will only collect, process and share personally identifiable information with the express consent of the individual, unless permitted or required by law. In the latter case, the consent of the person concerned will not be required. Personal information may be used as part of a recruitment process when submitting a job application.

4. Retention of Information:

 Personal information will be retained for a variable period of time depending on the purpose for which it was collected. It will then be destroyed in accordance with the law and our internal policy on the retention of confidential information. The various forms of storage, whether paper versions in secure premises or electronic versions on servers, are subject to security measures such as passwords and firewalls, with access strictly reserved to persons authorized within the scope of their duties.

5. Use of Cookies:

Ceresco uses browser cookies to recognize user preferences. These cookies enable identification on the website, the display of content in the chosen language, and the presentation of content adapted to the region and previous choices. Third-party cookies are also used to measure and improve the effectiveness of digital products.

6. Links to Third-Party Sites:

 Ceresco’s site may contain links to third-party sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other social media, which may use browser cookies. However, Ceresco disclaims any responsibility for these third-party cookies, and invites users to consult their privacy policies on their respective websites.

7. Right of Access and Correction of Personal Information:

At any time, individuals have the right to request access to their Personal Information from the organization’s Information Officer. In addition, it is possible to request corrections to the information contained in the file.

8. Privacy Officer:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about privacy, you may contact the Privacy Officer directly at responsableprp@sgceresco.com. All requests will be handled in accordance with applicable law.

9. Policy Updates:

Ceresco reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. The new version will automatically be posted on this page.